Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Goodies

These adorable Easter cut out cookies, with frosting naturally dyed from fruit, are from Spring Brook Farm. The farm dates back to 1713 and has a charming store where they sell their own produce, milk, meat, and fruit as well as flowers, beautiful baked goods, and assorted gifts. I love stopping by whenever I get a chance.

Here are naturally dyed jelly beans and eggs from Whole Foods. They're really good!

Naturally dyed jelly beans and eggs
We love, love, love maple syrup and all things maple so I also picked up these sweet maple cookies from Spring Brook Farm also. They're gushing with a maple cream filling and bursting with maple flavor.

I wish I could tell you how the pretty Easter cut out cookies tasted, but the dogs ate them! I accidently left them on the chest after I took photos and that was that.

And I wish I could share an Easter recipe but I was sick all day and didn't cook!

So, yes, the dogs ate the cookies and I was too sick to cook. No one seemed to mind because, fortunately, we had a great Easter dinner at my sister-in-law's on Saturday. But still, I was planning on cooking a light dinner and missed filling our home with those wonderful aromas.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!


  1. Those cookies are beautiful. I'm not sure how you had the patience to frost those so perfectly!

  2. Hope you're feeling better today! I had to pop by as I just joined Networked Blogs and wanted to follow you...still getting a hang of it :)

  3. Que lindos dulces tradicionales de pascua me encantaron,tienes paciencia y habilidad para armarlos,miraré los blog que nos sugieres,cariños y abrazos.

  4. Those cookies look so good! Too bad you didn't get to eat them...but I'm sure the dogs loved them! :)
    I hope you're feeling better now. Have a great week!

  5. :( Hope you're feeling better. And bad dogs. Bad, bad dogs. Tsk, tsk.

  6. That pretty traditional Easter candy I loved, you have the patience and ability to arm them, I will watch the blogs that you suggest, the love and hugs.~Rosita

    Thanks so much all!

  7. I couldn't help but laugh and nearly fall out of my chair when I read the dogs ate the cookies. I'd crate my dogs for about a week if they ate those delicious maple cookies before I got to taste one! Well, maybe I'd crate them for a day and night.... I'm so sad that you were sick - are you better?

  8. LOL, Linda! Yup, feeling better. Yes, you know them well, Jayne, . . .bad, bad dogs :-). Tina, I do think they loved them, they didn't even leave me a crumb. Thanks for following on NetworkedBlogs also, Lizzy - I'm still trying to figure a lot of things out too, especially twitter. Thanks Rosita and Mama J, wish we could have eaten them too!

  9. These are all so sweet. How lovely!