Reading Sources

For Inspiration On Eating Local

The Real Food Revival, Sherri Brooks Vinton and Ann Clark Espuelas
~ An excellent resource and my favorite. Demystifies the process of shopping for local food
Food Matters, Mark Bittman
Food Rules, Michael Pollan
The Omnivore's Dilemma, Michael Pollan (there's also a young reader's version for children)
Fast Food NationEric Schlosser
The Art of Eating In, Cathy Erway

Renal, Low Sodium, Nutrition Resources

Below is a list of the books, cookbooks, and magazines I referred to when my daughter was diagnosed with FSGS Syndrome in 2008, including some helpful links I received from a renal dietitian earlier this year, 2011.

Since what my daughter ate would be processed through her kidneys, I believed she should eat as much healing foods as possible. My focus, in addition to a low-sodium diet (prescribed) and organic food (my choice to reduce the chemical load on her kidneys), was on anti-inflammatory food and food rich in antioxidants (real whole food, not gimmicky food). In addition to these books, the cookbooks and cooking magazines I used offered important and very useful nutritional data with each recipe especially for sodium levels. 

Books I referred to, not for any specific diet plan but just for healthy food choice guidance, with particular attention to healing, anti-inflammatory foods, and antioxidants:

Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon
The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, Michael Murray, N.D., Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., Lara Pizzorno, M.A., L.M.T
Foods That Harm Foods Than HealReader's Digest
The Super Antioxidant Diet And Nutrition Guide, Robin Jeep, Richard Couey, PhD
The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book, Jessica K. Black
The Inflammation Free Diet Plan, Monica Reinagel, Julius Torelli, MD

Books and magazines that offer nutrition data, especially sodium levels in each recipe:

The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium International CookbookDonald A. Gazzaniga and Maureen A. Gazzaniga
Low-Salt Cookbook, 3rd Edition, American Heart Association
Eating Well Diet, Dr. Jean Harvey-Berino, PhD, RD and Editors of Eating Well
Eating Well For A Healthy Heart Cookbook, Philip A. Ades, MD and Editors of Eating Well
Eating Well magazines
Cooking Light cookbooks and magazines
Whole Living
Clean Eating magazines

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Low-Sodium Meals and Eat This Not That For Kids, a book my daughter enjoyed reading

I read these but they didn't apply to our situation. They may be helpful to others who are at or are approaching End Stage Renal Disease, on dialysis, or need to watch their intake of nutrients:

Creative Cooking For Renal Diets, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Coping With Kidney Disease, A 12-Step Treatment Program To Help You Avoid Dialysis, Mackenzie Walser, MD with Betsy Thorpe
The Vegetarian Diet For Kidney Disease, Joan Brookhyser, RD, CSR, CD

Other Helpful Books

Lunch Lessons, Changing The Way We Feed Our Children, Ann Cooper and Lisa M. Holmes
Creative Food Experiences For Children, Mary T. Goodwin, Gerry Pollen

~ * ~

We were not on any specific diet (I don't believe in diets) 
except a low-sodium diet
We were just conscious of what we ate for health reasons, 
avoided processed foods, 
and always with her physician's advice and her medication.

~ * ~

At a NephCure New England Chapter meeting in June (2011), a renal dietitian from Children's Hospital spoke to parents with children who have FSGS Syndrome and Nephrotic Syndrome. Here are some helpful links she provided and some I've found:

Renal Nutrition Websites:, excellent renal nutritional information, articles, and recipes., The National Kidney Foundation, kidney disease resource with helpful pediatric information and nutrition, renal nutrition and recipes, renal nutrition and recipes

Other Helpful Nutritional Sites:, healthy children diet information and, both have dietetic and public education regarding diets and, great sites for adolescent nutrition, health, and adolescent life

Other Helpful Renal Resources:, The NephCure Foundation is the only non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for FSGS syndrome and Nephrotic Syndrome, kidney care information with a personal healthcare track record program, a great place to chat, share, learn, and get answers about kidney disease

Website with vital sodium information

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