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Golden Bantam is the brand of corn that used to be farmed on the land where my neighborhood now sits. 

I recently heard stories about golden bantam from a long-time resident who planted and harvested heirloom golden bantam (before it was genetically modified) on rich soil with no chemicals and no pesticides. Organic matter was simply cow manure. The ears and kernels were small but it didn't matter as they could eat all they wanted and sometimes it was all they would have for dinner! After hearing his stories I decided to change the name of my blog from Vittles and Committals to Golden Bantam because it reflects the way we eat.

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I'm a mom and artist. I graduated from law school but the right side of my brain dominated the left and I came to realize that my place in this world is in the arts. I'm creative and have taught art privately to children in grades one through five. I sew costumes for small local theatre sometimes and continue to create oil and acrylic paintings when time permits. As for writing, well it doesn't come easy to me, I apologize in advance for any typos, grammatical errors, and poor proofreading! Like everything else I do, I hope to improve.

For My Family
When my daughter was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease, FSGS, our way of eating changed drastically and I learned to cook simple low-sodium fresh organic meals. Switching to organic food seemed to be the right thing to do since her kidneys had to process everything she ate I wanted to avoid chemicals in food. Not only did we switch to organic food but we were also very careful about chemicals in beauty and cleaning products. I wish I had started my blog back then to share and document our trials, tribulations, and triumphs but I'm here now sharing fresh food ideas and hope to inspire others.

The Annual Hingham, MA, NephCure Walk in October

Salt and chemicals: To reduce the chemical load on my daughter's kidneys we eat organic and local food as much as possible from farmers I know and avoid foods with GMOs. Because of her kidney disease, I use very little salt when cooking, and often none at all. Any jarred or canned foods I use are no-salt or low-sodium so I can control the sodium level. With the chance of BPA exposure, we keep canned foods to a minimum.

Mostly Ideas, Less Recipes
I post some recipes of my own and provide links to recipes I've adapted or that inspired me. Often, I don't post exact recipes because when I'm busy creating a meal or snack of my own I'm sort of in a frenzy and stopping to measure portions stifles my creativity. Also, so much of what I make can easily be found on the web or in cookbooks. My stovetop, oven, pots and pans are different from yours so a recipe can work for me but not you. Lastly, cooking with fresh ingredients, keeping meals basic and simple, eliminates the need for complicated recipes.  We cook at home more often if it's easy. And fresh food tastes great! If you have a question about something I've made, just ask in a comment or email me and I'll do my best to explain further.

Local Sources
Buying local keeps us connected to our community and supports local farmers and small businesses. We don't eat local food exclusively but do our best to buy local and are very conscious of the foods we eat. Here are some of our local food sources:
Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts 

Food Sources
Pat's Pastured, beef, poultry
Aquidneck Farms, beef
J.H. Beaulieu Livestock & Produce, beef
Narragansett Creamery, cheese (which also sells the lowest sodium feta cheese I can find at 180 mg/oz)
Cabot Cheese (from Vermont but available in RI)
Poblano Farms, pasta sauce and salsas
North Attleboro farmers' market
Oakdale Farms, certified organic vegetables, eggs
Munroe Dairy,
   milk, other local food, and local meats from Blackbird Farm and others from NEFF (Northeast
   Family Farms)
The Local Catch, seafood
Franklin Farm
Bucket Brewery, beer
Other farms we purchase from are listed in the Farm Fresh RI website
C'est La Bee honey

C'est La Bee, natural skin care

New Hampshire
Meadowstone Farm, Bethlehem, pork, poultry, goat cheese
The Purple Tomato, Lincoln, produce, dairy, meat, fish
Littleton Food Co-op, Littleton
Local Works Farmers Market, Bethlehem
Fadden's General Store, North Woodstock, maple syrup
North Woodstock Brewery, beer, root beer

Worcester, Massachusetts
My daughter is in college now and here are two great places for organic and local food in Worcester that we often visit:
Living Earth Market
EVO Dining

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Note On Dairy 
I'm lactose intolerant (and probably sensitive to milk protein) so when I mention milk and butter in my recipes, I'm often using lactose-free milk and organic Earth Balance Buttery spread (unless I specifically mention dairy substitutes like coconut or almond milk, etc.). If there are cheeses in my meals, it's often left out for my portion or I take Lactaid tablets to counteract the effects that dairy can have on me. Hard cheeses and raw milk goat cheese are easier for me to digest.

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~My blog is a hobby. 

~Any products, services, or places I feature are shared because I love them. 
  No compensation is received. 

~I don't accept advertisements.

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  1. so happy to hear about your daughter, i posted on the recipe part of your web site. My email is pamduke@comcast.net. I am so happy to hear of the LONG remission your daughter has had on prograf! That is such a good sign ! I know another family, whose son fully remitted on prograf after about 1-2 yrs and he is free of all meds now!

    unfortunately, this was not the case for our daughter, after being on steroids, cellcept, prograf, cytoxan , cyclosporine and rituximab at varying points over the past 7 yts, she had to have a bilateral nephrectomy at JHH last week due to ESRD. boy, that was rough. she is doing better on HD and we are moving to PD, we are hoping for a transplant within 6 months and a better life. Far better than the last 7 of her 9 years :(. great news on your daughter -- love seeing the nephcure t shirts! my daughter has hers on right now, while getting HD!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to tell me about your daughter. I saw your comment also on the stuff peppers post. You've been through so much and my heart goes out to your daughter and to your family. Believe me, while we haven't had the experience you are having, we have seen, heard about, and met a lot of people who have. Your story brings tears to my eyes. Thank you also for leaving your e-mail address. I'd like to follow up. Take good care and we send out healing wishes and prayers to your daughter.

  3. Hi Linda, I am so happy to find your blog and to hear about how H is faring...I love your approach to nutrition. This is a beautiful blog!

  4. Thanks Carina! So glad you stopped by.