Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sliced Steak With Dijon Mustard Sauce Over Lemon Thyme Mushroom Wild Rice, Roasted Sweet Carrots

This dish was created from two leftover dishes, steak one night, and wild rice we had with East African Braised Chicken the other. It would have been fine to just serve the steak, rice, and carrots together, but I needed to use up the mushrooms so into the dish they went.

The bella mushrooms were so good just by themselves, I almost didn't want to mix them with the rice. But blending mushrooms into something else gets my kids to eat them.

The lemon thyme is finally growing in my garden and I was so excited to use some. 

I added the bella mushrooms after the lemon thyme softened a bit, and seasoned to taste with salt and pepper.

After mixing the mushrooms with the leftover wild rice, I added a few fresh thyme leaves over the top and juice from half a lemon to brighten the flavor a little.

These huge sweet carrots are from the local farmer's market and they were simply washed, scrubbed, sliced, and placed on a baking pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper. They roasted beautifully at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. 

The mustard sauce was quick and easy. I blended Dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil, and 2 garlic cloves. 

The meat was left over from sirloin steaks the other night. I often buy extra steak it can be sliced and used in salads, etc., for another meal or two.

Wild Rice and Mushrooms
Prepare rice according to package
1 medium package, bella mushrooms
2-3 sprigs fresh lemon thyme, or plain thyme
equal parts butter and olive oil, about 2 tablespoons each
salt and pepper to taste
juice from half a lemon
a sprig of lemon thyme to finish

Gently brush dirt off mushrooms with a soft brush or towel, slice into halves or quarters. Heat pan over medium heat, add butter and oil, add sprigs of thyme and stir until they become soft. Add mushrooms, salt and pepper, being careful not to crowd pan otherwise they'll steam more than saute. Stir occasionally and rough up thyme to release the leaves. Saute mushrooms until tender, but not mushy, about 3-5 minutes depending on their size. Remove thyme sprigs with tongs, pull off any remaining leaves and add to mushrooms. Mix mushrooms into rice in a bowl. With remaining sprig, scrap off thyme stems and add to mixture, squeeze lemon over the top and blend. Season to taste.

Roasted Sweet Carrots
2 large sweet carrots, or 4 regular carrots
1-2 tablespoons olive oil, or extra virgin
salt and pepper to taste

Slice carrots in half, and then slice lengthwise, into quarters (if using regular carrots, slice in half lenthwise). Lay on a baking sheet and toss with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast in preheated 400 degree oven for 30 minutes or until tender.

Dijon Mustard And Garlic Sauce
Equal parts Dijon mustard and olive oil or extra virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons each
2 garlic cloves, halved
(double, if more sauce is needed)

Process in a small food processor until blended. If you don't have a small food processor, mince garlic (or mash into a paste) and vigorously stir all ingredients together.