Friday, February 11, 2011

Awesome Local Salsa and Pasta Sauce

How lucky was I to be in Whole Foods the other day when Steve from Poblano Farm was there demonstrating his salsa! I learned that Poblano Farm is a local sustainable tomato and pepper farm here in Rhode Island. The salsas tasted so good and fresh, I bought both flavors, Roasted Salsa and Mild Salsa. While shopping I found their pasta sauce and grabbed a jar of that also.

Both the salsa and pasta sauces are thick and wonderfully fresh tasting. The tomato flavor is amazing . . . not over processed, and this Providence Journal article explains why,

This is the mild salsa and I really love the consistency and fresh tomato flavor with guajillo peppers.

The Roasted Salsa is also delicious with poblano and jalapeno peppers and has that amazing fresh tomato flavor.

I usually make my own sauce, but what a treat having a great jarred sauce that's made locally on hand for a busy weeknight.

Poblano Farm also sells a Chipotle Salsa. We'll be trying that next!

Look here to find out where to buy:

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  1. No kidding? I'll have to track that down. I like the looks of the consistency, too. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. That all sounds sooooo good. I love fresh salsa. I could eat it on everything - if it's fresh!

  3. Yuuuummmmm. You find the best stuff! Whole Foods here I come for that salsa!!!! Thanks for the great tip!