Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good Food and Friends!

Food brings people together. We all know that. But it wasn't long ago that because of food I went on an extraordinary adventure where I met a wonderful person.

We met through the web world shortly after we started our food blogs. Through the comments we'd leave, we felt a connection. We started cautiously learning more about each other through emails. After some time, we exchanged phone numbers but neither of us called right away. It took a few days. Then it happened. During that first phone call, we were so excited and we couldn't stop talking! We often talked about meeting some day. Then, before long, we made actual plans to meet in person. Putting my fear of flying aside, I flew to Texas with my daughter and we all just had the best time!

We meet!

Then I met Linda's girls.

Fresh honey was always around.

The rest of my visit, I couldn't stop photographing the beautiful scenery.

We went shopping and
I bought cowgirl boots for my daughter and me.

And we were ready for the Mesquite Rodeo, our first.

Which put me in the mood to buy this new cookbook.

We ate well.

Enjoyed fresh peaches from Ham's Orchard.

Enjoyed shopping at a local market.

Snacked on Linda's delicious fresh black eye pea salsa,
and her refreshing Girly Gazpacho.

Delicious also was my first smokey Texas barbecue.

My first chicken fried steak was a treat . . .

. . . at the All Good Cafe . . .

. . . with colorful origami birds fluttering about the ceiling.

A great way to end my visit.

Yes, it was all good and still is.

I hope you visit Linda at The Orange Bee soon. She has a beautiful blog with great food, photos, and fascinating information about raising bees.


  1. Awwww...I love the photos. I feel like I just relived our visit. I know we'll always be friends and I'm happy about that! Very nice post, Linda - I'm honored you wrote about your Texas adventure, thanks for the great time.

  2. Looks like fun and I LOVE the boots!

  3. Congrats on your Liebster, my friend! ;)