Monday, October 3, 2011

Kids' Choice Vegetable Quesadillas | Meatless Monday

Last Monday we enjoyed these quesadillas for dinner. They were quick and easy to make and the kids enjoyed picking out some of the veggies. Just about any combination of vegetables can be used. Our combination came mostly from what was on hand that day. I shopped for a few items and I used up the last of my garden tomatoes and green peppers.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees with two baking sheets inside.  Grab veggies of your choice and start chopping.

For these quesadillas, I chopped
1 red bell pepper, 
1 small green bell pepper, 
1 medium tomato, 
1 Anaheim chile, 
1 head of broccoli,
a handful of fresh cilantro.

I decided that 1 cup of corn would make a nice addition.

About 1 tablespoon of olive oil was added to a large skillet over medium heat and the vegetables were sautéed a few minutes, just enough to make them soft but not mushy, with about 1/8 teaspoon of chipotle powder for a little smokey flavor.

When the vegetables were done, I stirred in the cilantro, turned off the heat and let the vegetables sit in the skillet while shredding a block of cheddar. I placed 4 flour tortillas on the two preheated baking sheets and sprinkled a small amount of cheese over each tortilla.

Next, the vegetables were evenly spooned onto each tortilla, then more cheese.

They went into the preheated oven and cooked for about 10 minutes, until the cheese melted and the tortillas were crisp. Uh oh, it's getting late and that means bad photography lighting.

The quesadillas were cut into quarters, topped with a dollop of sour cream and a little garnish of left over chopped cilantro.

~ ~ ~

When I was organizing my old recipe clippings a few weeks ago, I was inspired by Martha Holmberg's Farmers' Market Quesadillas in Fine Cooking Magazine, August/September 2007, which can also be found here.


  1. Oh, these look marvelous! My kiddos would probably just opt for plain cheese, but I love all the veggies :)

  2. These look delicious! We did burritos last week and it's SO nice when the kids eat everything on their plate!!!!

  3. Those quesadillas look awesome. They are one of my favorite things to eat so I'm glad to have a healthy recipe. I'm looking forward to making these! thanks for stopping by my blog (the Sweet Life) too!

  4. Really delicious looking..I would eat this in a heart beat! Great colors and combination of flavors..Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful evening!!!!

  5. Maybe I can get my nephew to eat his veggies if I put them in this quesadilla. It looks delicious!

  6. Its a meal we will also enjoy at home Linda as we too add plenty of veg into our diet.

  7. Those are colorful and healthy quesadillas, Lin! Love your kids' choice of vegetables!

  8. Hi Linda! Growing up, quesadillas were a staple at my home. Every Friday my mom would make hot cheese quesadillas. A most marvelous way to start my weekend as a child. Yours here look delicious. And I like the dollop of sour cream!

  9. Hi Linda! Wow I'm cooking this very soon... I'm not vegetarian but sometimes I just prefer eating veggies only. This one I can do meat version easily for my husband and kids. Cooking just Japanese food most of the time, I really appreciate some new and easy dish, even though it's common for most people. I'm making this very soon.

  10. Nice Blog n pics! Following you!!

  11. Thanks everyone! It was a quick meal to make on a busy week night. And it's a good way to finish off leftover veggies on hand. Try different fillings. Just cheese is good too, Lizzy!

  12. i love the all the fillings that you put in here and serving them in tortillas is really a very nice idea!

  13. Linda-Your quesadillas look so scrumptious, yummylicious with all those wonderful veggies, and that block of cheddar is amazing!
    Great way to use up the veggies in your fridge, and make a healthy meal out of them that everyone will love:DDD