Monday, August 15, 2011

I'll Be Right Back!

I'm experiencing technical difficulties with Facebook and Networked Blogs. As soon as I've figured things out, I'll be back!

In the meantime, enjoy the view of the Pemigewasset Wildnerness from Loon Mountain:

Doesn't it seem to go on forever?

Wish I were there now :)


Update: During the past week, while trying to make things more secure and then updating links and likes, I somehow lost my Vittles and Committals facebook page. Sigh. So if you are looking for it, you're not blocked, it's just not there anymore. The same if you were following through Networked Blogs. After I made some changes, glitches occurred that I couldn't fix so the app has been removed.

Update: Networked Blogs was quick to respond! Within two days they responded to my question and I was able to clear my account today. If you ever need help, submit a request question instead of a forum question.


  1. Incredible view Lin Ann!!! I wish I were there too:)

    Hope all your techi stuff is resolved, pronto!!

  2. Thanks Louise! This is the second time this summer that I return from a vacation and stuff happens. The last time was with pictures. This time, facebook, and there's no one to help! Can't complain, though - it's free. Oh well, things will work out. They always do!

  3. Good luck, Lin! Hope all this technical glitch will be resolved!

  4. Now I can't even see my Vittles And Commitals facebook page when I log in to facebook! Argh!