Monday, June 13, 2011

Farm To Table Simple Salad

Sometimes it's just what this family needs. Nothing complicated. Simple, fresh vegetables. A salad. It's a relief. A lesson, even, in the art of simple eating.

* * *
The temperatures soared the other day. It was the second day of high 90 degree heat and very high humidity. While driving home from an Essence of Tuscany cooking class at Johnson & Wales University I thought about making something light for dinner. 

I imagined pairing the gorgeous red lettuce I had picked up at our local farmers' market with the plump luscious-looking strawberries growing in my garden. 

Kale, swiss chard from Confreda Greenhouse & Farms
Red lettuce, onions, cherry tomatoes, radishes from Oakdale Farms
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As I drove home from class, I pictured the deep rich colors together, like the palette of a masterful baroque era oil painting.

Well, when I got home, my dreamy salad never turned into that beautiful painting I pictured in my mind. I went out to pick the strawberries and they were all gone! All of them. Poof! Gone. Nothing left. I guess some little creatures had the same dreamy idea.

Thank goodness I had picked up some other terrific vegetables at the farmers' market. Broccoli from Confreda Greenhouse & Farms. In addition to their red lettuce, I had cherry tomatoes from Oakdale Farms Country Barn & Garden Shop.

The cheese is also local, "Atwells Gold" from Narragansett Creamery. It felt good to make the meal from mostly local food, local businesses and farmers.

Chickpeas, while not local, are always a staple in my pantry closet and were a nice addition for a little added protein.

* * *


  1. Perfect summer time dinner! Love the addition of cheese on the side for more protein. Those little critters keep getting your strawberries - maybe you need nets over them or something. 3 more days!

  2. Oh, I loved the way you took the pics and wrote this post! Enjoyed my stay here...

  3. Believe it or not...Lin Ann, you gave me the perfect feel of sitting down in a Tuscan garden and eating that delicious light and summar salad.
    I'm so glad you bought the white fig infused balsamic vinegar, I'm sure it went perfect with your delicious salad.
    Your photos tell exactly what you want to convey...I'm the kind of person that can visualized being in the very place that it's described, and you did it for me:D

  4. Such pretty lettuce, too bad about the strawberries! I always keep chickpeas in the pantry too - so convenient to have around!

  5. Someone or something has been nibbling around my garden too. I didn't plant strawberries this year, thank goodness, kinda. Else, I'd be very upset.

    It sure looks like you winged it though, and mighty fine at that. I'm in awe of you going to Johnston and Wales. I've used their website for research often. Very impressive school I hear. How GREAT they have classes.

    Enjoy your time with your children, Lin Ann. We are here 24/7, much like moms:)

    P.S. I do hope you will be able to play the Picnic Game, though:)

    Thanks for sharing...