Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Potato And Apple Soup Garnished With Sage Goat Cheese For Meatless Monday

Add to that title . . . And With A Maple Syrup Swirl!

Sounds delicious, but this post isn't so much about sharing a great recipe as it is about how I saved a botched dish.

The Mistake
This was the first dish I had made with the sweet potatoes. It was a gratin of sorts.

It looked great. But like I said, it tasted bland, bland, bland. So the pretty looking but pretty bland dish was wrapped and stayed in the fridge for a day until I decided to turn it into soup.

The Fix
To make the soup, I sauteed a large shallot and a celery stalk in a little oil olive. When tender, I added the rest of the botched baked sweet potato and apple dish (omitting the oranges), some vegetable broth, and simmered with a cover for 30 minutes.

After simmering for 30 minutes, I pureed the soup with an immersion blender. Seasoned to taste with salt and pepper. The soup seemed a little watery, so I simmered it uncovered until it reduced a little.

Sage Goat Cheese  
I minced two large leaves of fresh sage and mixed them with 2 ounces of softened goat cheese (the cheese softened while I prepared the soup). I spread some over toasted sourdough bread. 

Before serving, I swirled in a little maple syrup. 

 My son didn't like the soup. Well, three out of four isn't bad!

Ingredients and Method
Because of what happened here, it's hard to put an actual recipe together.  But these are the ingredients and this is probably the method I'd use to make this soup.  And it's really a lot easier than it looks!

1 large sweet potato, or 2 regular size,
    mine was a Jewel and was really large
1 or 2 apples
    I used 2 med golden delicious apples, with skins, because
    the sweet potato was so large
Olive oil,
    enough to coat so apples and sweet potatoes won't stick to pan
1/8 ts coriander,
    I chose coriander because of it's hint of sage, but why not try
    cinnamon, nutmeg or your favorites
1 large sage leave, minced, or 1/8 ts of ground sage
1 medium shallot, diced
1 celery stalk, diced
32 oz. vegetable stock (could use less since I had to simmer it longer to reduce)

Peel and coarsely chop sweet potatoes and apples into similar size pieces. Toss with olive oil to coat. Spread over pre-heated baking sheet and bake until tender, 350 degrees for about 30-45 minutes. Check to make sure bottoms are not burning, maybe give them a toss. Meanwhile, saute in medium sauce pan diced shallot and celery in olive oil (or butter) until tender. Add sweet potatoes and apples, vegetable stock and simmer in covered pot for 30 minutes. Puree with immersion blender (or pour into food processor), if consistency is too watery, simmer until reduced to desired consistency. Or, if it's too thick, add more stock or water. Makes 4+ servings.

This recipe gave me the idea to use celery and onion (I prefer shallots):


  1. I love how you turned that bland sweet potato and apple dish of yours into a hearty soup! Great job! :)

  2. This is so unique. I love sweet potatoes and have been using them a lot at dinnertime in our house. ♥- K

  3. I LOVE how you took a "not so great" dish and turned it into something "oober great"!!! I will have to try this - it looks and sounds delightful!!!

  4. Thank you all! It was fun trying to figure out what make with it. In the grocery store I couldn't think of what cheese to use until I spotted the goat cheese at the last minute and knew it would work as a garnish!

  5. Lin this is so beautiful and you done amazing job!
    fun and incredible looking dishes!

  6. I like how you fixed the dish :)

  7. Nice save! So great when we can turn an oops into something so good. Your soup sounds fantastic. Love the flavors in it. Nobody would ever know you didn't mean to do it!! :)

  8. Thanks so much everyone! I was glad I could turn it into something tasty. I just read a ravioli recipe with similar flavors: sweet potato, apple, honey (instead of maple syrup), and sage - I'll have to try that now.

  9. Wait a minute, so I have to make a tart first? (Kidding - I read your post!) You're a fhekin genius, my friend. And anything w/goat cheese in it gets a my vote. Huge thumbs up. :)

  10. A great many classic dishes began with a blunder. Personally, I think that first attempt looked pretty darn good, Lin Ann. However, that soup looks gorgeous!!! Brilliant!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing

  11. Hi Louise! Thanks - yes, we could have eaten the first one, but I was disappointed in the flavor and thought I could do better. I'm glad I tried again and thank you for your nice compliment!!!