Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These Candy Canes Are Not For Decorating!

I'm so excited!  The candy canes I ordered from Zoe's Chocolates, www.zoeschocolates.com, have finally arrived.

These are not those average sugar sticks we're so use to, decorate our tree with, or turn into reindeer for our kids to pass out to school friends.

These are "porcelain-like" handcrafted candy canes. No two are alike. A "true artisanal creation" made by the Tsoukatos family in Pennsylvania.  They taste refreshing with bright flavors of cinnamon, anise and peppermint.

They're so good they make me giddy!

Voted best candy canes in the world by Saveur Magazine, http://www.saveur.com/article/Kitchen/Cool-Canes.

Beautifully packaged. A delightful gift, indeed!

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No compensation was received. This is just something I love and want to share.

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  1. They're gorgeous! Look at that color... and I'll bet delish, too.