When I'm Not Cooking ~ Art

 When I'm not cooking, I'm dabbling in various art projects . . . 

~ * ~


  1. My husband visited your blog and told me to check your artwork. I didn't realize you had special page for your art!! You are so talented! It's nice that you have something you really like to do. Until I started to blog, I didn't know what my "hobby" was. Now I can say...blogging? I'm still working on my hobby, but with 2 small kids, I almost have no time for myself. I just wanted to say your drawings/paintings are amazing!!!

  2. Thanks Nami! Blogging is a great hobby especially for someone as talented as you. Your food is really special, your photography is amazing, your blog is captivating, and you are loved by so many. And you did all that in a mind-boggling short amount of time, with a young family no less. Now that's talent!!!