Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sandwich Board: Open face chicken salad sandwich

The other night we were too busy to cook.  I had been out all day running errands and had tickets to see A Christmas Carol that night.  We were so tempted to order Chinese takeout or pizza but, wanting to empty the fridge to make room for holiday groceries, we pulled out a few ingredients for the sandwich board:

With the spicy peppery watercress, I would have preferred a more creamy mild cheese like Harvati perhaps, but the avocado and tomato helped to mellow out its pungent flavor.  I love garlic so I rubbed my toasted bread with a clove.

All the fresh ingredients went well with the chicken salad we had on hand to make a pretty tasty open face sandwich.  The cheese melted quickly in the microwave, right on the plate.

The sandwich board comes in really handy on busy nights.  Lay out a variety of ingredients, let the kids choose their favorites, try new ones and get creative!

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